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Massage therapy is a health and wellness tool. At Ming Tree Massage Spa we believe in the healing power of massage therapy.

Whether you require massage therapy as a well-deserved treat, or as a complement to conventional medicine, Ming Tree Massage Spa offers the people of Gainsville massage therapy treatments that can be adapted to any requirement, providing lasting relief.


Open 7 days

9:30 AM - 9:00 PM



Specialize in Medical and Therapeutic Massage for Migraine Headaches, Stiff neck, and Shoulders, Lower back and Sciatica nerve pain

At Ming Tree Massage Spa, our practice is based on three basic principles:

~ Providing undivided attention to you, the client.

~ Offering a serene and peaceful environment, with exclusive dedication to massage therapy.

~ Practicing massage therapy with the understanding that a massage therapy treatment should always be RELAXING, and in COMPLETE COMFORT.

~  Using only the best massage products, and the purest essential oils.

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